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I've always known I had an unusual voice for a woman: a warm contralto that can do handsprings -- accents, dialects, character voices. Finally have a chance to make it WORK through ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange).

ACX is a marketplace where professional authors, agents, publishers, and other Rights Holders can post fallow audiobook rights. At ACX, those unused audio rights are matched with narrators, engineers, recording studios, and other Producers capable of producing a finished audiobook, as well as with audiobook publishers. The result: More audiobooks get made.

My first project is SOUL WHISPERS II and is an compilation book with articles by Soul Coaches (a particular counseling system). Royalty Share means payment will be in dribs and drabs and Mailbox Money for however long. But that's okay -- for a first book. After this, there are also shots at 200-400 per finished hour. Good to have a combination of outright pay and royalties.

It will be a real challenge -- it's not just reading it (for me a piece of cake) but doing all the production and engineering too, at which I am not skilled. And the book is due in April, all 192 perfect pages. So hitch up the Stress Ponies, kids; it's all on top of my usual 40 weekends a year at psychic fairs.

By God, when I die, I will be so used up they will be able to send me back to Heaven in a tiny envelope; not a thing left or wasted.
We are well, and have weathered Sandy unscathed. we are profoundly lucky. Check in when you can, please, so we can "count noses."

It's been a while, hasn't it?

I do most of my posting on FB these days, but it's so tragically public that if I want to say anything that isn't relentlessly positive, it doesn't go up. And there is a touch of that in here. Let's see what's doing:

POSITIVE: Taking a master mediumship class with John Holland, a BIG name. Of all the things I do, I still get nervous doing scattershot mediumship in a public setting (that is, just telling an audience what you are getting and assuming someone will recognize Aunt Gertie.) Very small class, you had to be vetted before inclusion. My work was known to him through the Robert Schwartz stuff. May 2013. Woot!

POSITIVE: Speaking/leading a weekend workshop at Kripalu with Robert Schwartz in December. For wickywoo types, the big three lecture spots are Omega, Kripalu and Lily Dale. This will make two out of three (got to find a way to get Omega in there!).

POSITIVE: Work was insanely busy this year. I am in *such* the right line of work for both "happy" and "prosperous." And in many cases, "useful to others in a constructive way."

POSITIVE/CHALLENGE: New roof, new doors and new windows on the house. Still deciding do we have to move or can we just build/add on where we are. Neighbors are becoming smarmy-problematical (or perhaps just showing their true colors).

POSITIVE: Carle and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary. For those of you who know my past record, this is nothing short of miraculous and why Carle continues to be My Hero, even though he's the only one who never raised a sword in my presence except in a military salute while in Revolutionary or Civil War getup for his museum.

CHALLENGE: Health is problematical at the moment. No, not the C thing. A rundown immune system and gut. Had to pull myself off paleo to let the gut heal, so weight is up uncomfortably (no, you would still recognize me). Also found out I have mono, and may have had it for some time. Have a splendid integrative medical man who is working with the naturopath and Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist in his practice and they have come up with some crazyfine immune boosters: turkey tail mushroom (check out at fungi.com), milk thistle for liver support, and their own five-ingredient Chinese herbal thing. Three weeks on that and I should be over this puppy.

And that, in the shorthand version, catches you up to date.

OS X Lion. Grrrr, dammit.

Apple has finally gone and pulled a Microsoft.

The upgrade to OS.X (Lion) has caused screen freezes, glitches and hiccups; Safari keeps insisting I go back two screens in the middle of my doing nothing and losing what I was doing; and my all-important-for-the-business numerology program, which ran fine with Snow Leopard on Parallels version 6 has just flat out quit working with Lion/P7. I keep getting "dcw.exe -- fatal application exit -- bad format in User Log."

No, they don't make an Apple-based program. And no, Apple will not help with a Parallel problem because it's Microsoft. And no, Microsoft won't help because I'm using an Apple.

I don't care if the government wants to cut weekend service -- I'm going postal RIGHT NOW.

Jan. 4th, 2012

It's a sad, sad thing when you realize that your children are the feline version of Data and Lore...and you can guess which one is the Evil Brother: just look for the camera hog.

Nov. 16th, 2011

Well, this is "unofficial" in that the news was passed by my acupuncturist this morning who saw my file and I won't see the actual doctor until next week, but the eight vials of blood they took a few weeks ago show not much wrong, with the exception of cholesterol (we knew that) and apparently I have a wonky TSH. But the most important thing? ALL FIVE BLOOD CANCER MARKERS ARE FINE, indicating that I am succeeding in staying "off the dance floor"!

Boston Strangeness

48 hours in Boston for a quick anniversary trip. Stayed in Cambridge -- which is most certainly NOT "my" Cambridge from 35+ years ago.

My old $140 a month hellhole of an apartment at 885 Mass Ave at the Corner of Mass and Lee? Building is still there, but now massively spiffied up and the apartment is probably 10-15 times my old rent (no joke).

I *did* spy the old GAMES PEOPLE PLAY shop in a slightly different location. I tipped my hat to a ghostly Rob (the late lamented Uncle Dirty) and a very alive Madeleine (who has Made A Fine Woman/Wife/Mother/Author Of Herself since then).

Passed by Memorial Hall at Harvard and tipped the French hood with a fond curtsey to boot in honor/memory of Sir Patri, Goody, Viz, Marian, Gillian, and all the younglings that we used to be before time and pestilence took its toll on too many of us, in whole or in part.

And now I am back home, in the Here and Now. But it was nice to fleetingly buss Then on the cheek .
I have spent the last two very long days at the local Middle School, which is the shelter for Schoharie flood victims. It is beyond comprehension -- like Pompeii, much of what we knew as our beautiful "picture perfect Schoharie County" (the Chamber of Commerce's ad for years) is forever gone.

We were astoundingly lucky. Nothing -- nothing at all -- happened to our house. But for so many others -- small business, farmers, regular folks -- everything was taken away. Which is why I spent the last two days with neighbors -- feeding, comforting, helping.

This is a before and after gif from the top of Vroman's Nose, which shows the Schoharie valley:


And should you care to help: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.crcs.k12.ny.us%2F&h=AAQBcJ-Z1AQDoEAEKhgK4rZbFzMZ5lPnvGmNxLahL6rGI9w

Meanwhile, I am back to work in Canada and Ohio for the next two weeks, plus doing two radio shows.
It seems only yesterday that we brought home this orange and white fluffball barely bigger than my hand. Now he's three -- my, how he's grown!

Happy birthday, beautiful boy! And don't let Oswald snitch your birthday salmon...

Google.docs presentations...oy

Have to put one together THIS WEEK for the webinar I'm doing, need to use Google.docs, and am making no sense of it at all. If anyone has any skills in Google.docs presentation, and can give me a bit of live tutoring, I'd be much obliged and would probably come up with a tangible thank you upon negotiation.